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The Mancil Group, Inc. specializes in custom online systems development for growing businesses. If your back end or customer interface isn't keeping up with your needs, talk to us about a custom system or about modifying your existing system.

Experience: We are a small team of experienced programmers, interface designers, and communicators, located in Fort Worth, Texas. When you work with us, you're always talking to innovative decision makers with a focus on meeting your needs.

Problem Solvers: Give us a problem, and we'll build you an online solution. We specialize in fast, user-friendly interfaces with optimal database use, custom-built from open source components (primarily PHP, MySQL, AJAX, and SOAP).

What We've Built: You name an online system, and we've probably built one or more. Databases are our first love. We've created systems for accounting, customer relations management (CRM), inventory management, online checkout (using a variety of online gateways and payment services), order management, shipping, automated emailing, content management, and web traffic tracking. Our projects have included dynamic charts and graphs, Excel exports, and custom SOAP APIs. We also do website optimization and website management for customers with existing sites. We manage social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and social media ads. And yes, we also build websites.

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The Mancil Group, Inc.
410 W. 7th St. #1503
Fort Worth, TX 76102
phone: 214-853-4770
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web: mancilgroup.com

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